Frequently Asked Questions

When is it advisable to register?

Will I have to take tests when I return to Italy?

How does language learning work?

Where will I live during my time abroad?

Can I find out before I leave what subjects and extracurricular activities I will be able to attend?

What are the prices?

Does studying 3 months abroad (or more) really help with the language?

Once a duration has been chosen, can the programme be extended?

Can I choose the location and the school?

I already know a host family, can I go and live with them?

What are the characteristics of the host families?

Do you go to small or big places?

Will there be other Italian students in the family?

Will I be able to travel during my stay abroad?

Can I do my PCTO (formerly Alternanza Scuola-Lavoro - Alternating School and Work Study Sessions) hours while abroad?

Can I go with a friend?

Can I report specific health conditions?

If I turn 18 whilst abroad, will I be able to obtain a driving licence?

Will I travel with an accompanying person to my final destination?

What is the High School Programme?

Who can participate in the programme?

Can I refuse the proposed match with the host family?

When will I know the details of my placement (host family and high school)?

What are high schools like abroad?

Can I get a diploma?

How much money will I need on site?

Does my family have to host another student to participate in the programme?

I play sport at a competitive level, can I continue to do so?

I play a musical instrument, can I continue to do so?

Is the School Year Abroad programme recognised by the Italian school?

Can I choose the subjects I will take abroad?

Can I choose my destination?

I would like to know more about host families

What happens if I have problems in my family?

Will I be sharing a room during my time abroad?

Who should I contact if I have problems on site?

Does a diploma abroad replace an Italian diploma?

Will I be able to return home during the year abroad? Will my parents be able to visit me during the Christmas holidays or at other times?

Am I ready to live abroad for a year?

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