General terms and conditions

1. Foreword

1.1. These General Terms and Conditions apply to the service offered to the user by Star s.r.l. (hereinafter also only "Star" or the "Company"), a company with registered office in Bergamo, Largo Niccolò Rezzara, n. 2, Bergamo Business Register registration number, Tax code and VAT number 04510120167; this service allows the user to compare, on the basis of data provided by various operators, some of the different offers on the market concerning the year/semester and/or different period of study abroad for upper secondary school students (hereinafter "Packages"), also offering the user the possibility to enter into the relevant contract with the chosen operator.

1.2. All contracts between the customer and the third-party operator shall be deemed to have been concluded by means of the procedure specified on the website (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") owned by the Company, including on the basis of these General Terms and Conditions.

2. Definitions

2.1. In addition to the definitions and conventional terms contained above and in other articles of the GTCs, the expressions and terms listed below shall, for the purposes of these GTCs, have the meaning for each of them set out below:

2.2. Conventional terms defined in these GTCs shall be used with the specific meaning respectively assigned to them in these GTCs. Terms defined in the singular are also understood in the plural, and vice versa, where the context so requires.

3. Purpose

3.1. The purpose of these GTCs is to govern the Customer's use of the service offered by the Company for the purpose of concluding the Customer Agreement.

3.2. The GTCs are made available on the Website in such a way that they can be consulted, stored, and reproduced in hard copy.

3.3. Before carrying out any operation relating to the purchase of Packages through the Website, the Customer is required to read these GTCs carefully in their entirety, as well as to print, save an electronic copy and in any case to duly retain them, as well as the Customer Contract that he or she may decide to sign.

4. Characteristics and composition of packages

4.1 The characteristics and composition of the Packages are those described and listed on the Website, as better resulting from the Customer Agreement.

4.2 Before sending the order to the Company pursuant to Article 5 below, the Customer is required to carefully consult the Website and the Customer Contract, it being understood that the information provided on the Website for the purposes of the service of comparison of the different Packages by the Customer must be considered merely indicative and not necessarily in accordance with the actual content of the Customer Contract, which must be considered the only document on the basis of which the Customer may be called upon to make a decision regarding the actual purchase of the chosen Package.

4. Invitation to treat - Proposal - Acceptance of general terms and conditions of sale

4.1. The Customer may only purchase the Packages in the electronic catalogue at the time of placing the order and viewable on the Website, as described in the Customer Agreement.

4.2. The presentation of the Packages on the Website is merely an offer of the service of comparison and invitation to deal addressed to the Customer with the Operator and does not constitute an offer to the public, with the result that the Customer cannot rely on the actual conclusion of the Customer Contract with the selected Operator, the Company being totally extraneous both to the procedure for concluding the Customer Contract and to the phase in which the Operator shall subsequently fulfil the obligations that it shall have assumed towards the Customer with the Customer Contract.

4.3. The order transmitted by the Customer through the Website has the value of a contractual proposal to the Operator and is governed - as far as relations with the Company are concerned - by these General Terms and Conditions, which form an integral part of the order itself and which the Customer, by transmitting the order to the Company, declares to know and accept in full and without reservation. All documents relating to the order, including the General Terms and Conditions and the Customer Agreement must be duly signed, placed in the shopping cart and transmitted as indicated on the Website itself.

4.4. The Customer's order is accepted by the Operator by sending the Customer the Customer Agreement duly signed to be valid as acceptance to the email address communicated by the latter to the Company at the time of registration on the Website. The Customer Agreement and the GTCs applicable to the relationship between the Parties are filed electronically by the Company in its computer systems in accordance with the relevant legislation in force.

4.5. If the Operator fails to send acceptance of the Customer Contract within 30 (thirty) days of receipt of the relevant order, such order shall be deemed not to have been accepted and the relevant proposal made by the Customer shall be deemed to have lapsed, as the Customer cannot claim any expectations in this respect.

5. Price

5.1. The fee for the Packages (hereinafter the "Fee") is that indicated on the Website and in the Customer Agreement. In the event of any discrepancy between the Fee indicated on the Website and the Fee indicated in the Customer Contract, the Fee indicated in the Customer Contract, which the Customer is obliged to verify in detail, shall prevail.

5.2. The Customer declares that the lack of knowledge of costs, charges, taxes and/or duties shall not constitute grounds for termination of the relationship in place with the Company and regulated by these GTCs, as well as the Customer Contract and that the Customer shall not in any way charge the aforementioned charges to the Company.

6. Procedure for purchasing Packages

6.1 In order to proceed with the purchase, the Customer must select the Packages of interest from those on the Website, place them in the Shopping Cart together with the documentation duly uploaded and signed, and send the order to the Website following the instructions on the Website. By clicking on the Shopping Cart button, you can check your shopping, change the quantity of the Packages you have chosen or remove them from your Shopping Cart. The virtual shopping cart is temporary, i.e., the content shall be automatically deleted when you leave the Website.

6.2 Only Customers who have completed the registration procedure on the Website may make a purchase. To this end, once the procedure for selecting the Packages and placing them in the Shopping Cart has been completed, the Customer is invited, in order to carry out the purchase, alternatively:

(a) if you are not yet registered, to register on the Website by providing the requested data, including a valid email address; or

(b) if he is already registered on the Website, to log in by entering the access keys available to him, thereby accessing his personal section on the Website.

6.3 After registration, the customer can proceed to place the order by entering the required data. If the data indicated in the order to be forwarded are different from those provided during registration on the Website, the Customer is asked to confirm his personal data (by way of example, but not limited to: name, surname, etc.), the address to which any material must be delivered, the address and data for invoicing (where requested by the Customer), as well as an address, if necessary including telephone number, at which the Customer makes himself available to be contacted for any urgent communications from the Company and/or the Operator.

6.4 Once the order process has been completed, the Customer shall see a summary, which can still be changed before finalisation.

6.5 In order to be able to proceed with the transmission of the order, the Customer, after reading it carefully, must expressly approve, by means of the check-box on the Website, these GTCs and the legal notes, declare that he/she has read the privacy policy, finalise his/her order and send it definitively to the Company through the procedure provided for on the Website, following the relevant instructions.

6.6 The Customer shall also be asked to choose the following options from those available on the Website: (i) method of payment, as further described in Article 8 below; (ii) method of shipment, as further described in Article 9 below.

6.7 Once the order transmission procedure has been successfully completed and the availability checks have been carried out, the Operator sends the Customer Agreement signed for acceptance to the Customer's email address as confirmation of the order that shall produce the effects referred to in Article 4.

7. Availability of Packages

7.1 Upon receipt of the order by the Customer, the Operator shall check the availability of the Package and, in the event of non-availability, the Company and/or the Operator shall notify the Customer, which constitutes non-acceptance of the order. The Customer shall be credited with any amount already paid by him for the non-accepted order.

8. Methods of payment

8.1 The payment of the consideration may be made by the Customer by bank transfer, credit card or via the PayPal system, under the terms and conditions described below. The Company reserves the right to propose other payment methods to the Customers, indicating them on the Website.

8.2 If payment is made by credit card, the Customer and the credit card data shall be directly checked for authenticity by the relevant credit card issuer for the protection of the Customer. If, for any reason, it is not possible to debit the amount due, the process shall be automatically cancelled and the order shall not be finalised, without any amount being charged to the Customer and without any liability on the part of the Company and/or the Operator.

8.3 Following successful payment, the Company and/or the Operator shall send a confirmation to the email address provided by the Customer. If the Customer requests an invoice, this shall be made available directly in the Customer's personal area, in the relevant section.

8.4 No computer file of the Company contains the Customer's credit card data. Under no circumstances, therefore, may the Company be held liable for any fraudulent or improper use of credit cards by third parties when paying for Packages purchased on the Website. All credit card and personal data are handled directly by the credit institution carrying out the transaction.

9. Shipping and delivery

9.1 The shipment of any material by the Company shall take place in the manner indicated on the Website, which also indicates the delivery and/or shipping costs to the shipping address indicated by the Customer during the purchase procedure pursuant to Article 6 above.

10. Invoicing

10.1 For each order, the Company and/or the Operator shall issue the corresponding invoice. The invoice shall be issued on the basis of the data entered by the Customer when placing the order. The Customer releases the Company and the Operator from any liability arising from the issuance of erroneous tax documents due to errors, the Customer being solely responsible for the correct entry of data concerning him/her.

11. Legal guarantee

11.1. The provisions of the Customer Contract between the Operator and the Customer remain unaffected.

12. Intellectual Property

12.1 The Customer declares that he/she is informed that all trademarks, names, as well as any distinctive sign, denomination, image, photograph, written or graphic text used on the Website or relating to the Packages are and remain the exclusive property of the Operators or the Company and its assignees and/or legitimately used by them, without the Customer deriving any rights over them from access to the Website and/or the order.

12.2 The contents of the Website may not be reproduced in whole or in part, transferred by electronic or conventional means, modified or used for any purpose whatsoever without the prior written consent of the Company.

13. Privacy

13.1 In order to be able to proceed with the registration and transmission of the order in accordance with these GTCs, certain personal data are required from the Customer via the Website. The Customer acknowledges that the personal data provided shall be recorded and used by the Company, in accordance with and in compliance with EU Regulation No. 2016/679 and with the national legislation in force from time to time, in order to execute the service through the Website and, subject to the Customer's consent, for any further purposes as indicated in the privacy policy provided to the Customer through the Website at the time of registration.

13.2 The Customer represents and warrants that the data provided during the registration and purchase process are correct and true.

13.3 The Customer may at any time update and/or change the personal data provided through the specific section of the Website accessible after authentication.

14.4 For any further information on how the Customer's personal data are processed, the Customer is obliged to read the privacy policy available on the Website and these GTCs. The Customer therefore acknowledges that the section on privacy also forms an integral and substantial part of this document and that the transmission of orders implies that he has read the aforementioned documents and is subject to their full and unreserved acceptance.

14. Cookies

14.1 The Company undertakes to comply with the laws, regulations and standards applicable to the use of cookies.

15.2 In any case, the Customer has the option of not consenting to the placement of cookies on his computer and/or hardware by configuring the browser preferences on his computer so as to no longer accept cookies, as indicated in the Website's privacy policy. The Customer accepts and acknowledges that, however, in the event of failure to insert cookies, he/she may not be able to access and consult the Website in its full functionality, expressly excluding any and all liability of the Company in this regard.

15. Applicable law

15.1 These GTCs are subject to Italian law and jurisdiction.