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Details of the trip
Estonia is called the 'Pearl of the Baltic', with fairytale landscapes, vast forests and crystal clear lakes. Its capital, Tallinn, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the best-preserved medieval cities in the world. Considered to be the queen of renewable energy in Europe, Estonia preserves ancient traditions and at the same time welcomes modernity while respecting nature.

School starts at 8 a.m. and 6 to 8 subjects are studied each day, with lessons lasting 45 minutes each. As in Italian schools, subjects in Estonia are not chosen by the student, but by the school. The subjects taught are mainly: mathematics, Estonian grammar and literature, physics, history, music and foreign languages. Lessons, with the exception of foreign language lessons, are in Estonian.

Estonian families are very close and sincere, and although they may seem a little shy and reserved at first, you will be welcomed with open arms. Estonians love tradition, singing and dancing. With your host family, you will have the chance to participate in one of the many music festivals organised throughout the country during the year. 
Airport taxes
dress-man Uniform
shuttle Bus Pass
Solo Pernottamento
sports-fan Guardianship
salad Special diets (ie. vegetarian; vegan; gluten free; ethical and religious)
Study visa
Return flight
washing-machine Weekly laundry
Medical insurance
cutlery Full Board
Language certification
book-39 Pre-departure language course
Assistenza in loco
Kit Pre-Partenza
Eltis Test
Incontri pre-partenza
Welcome Camp
Assistance for visa application
book-39 Teaching material
Cancellation insurance
cutlery Half board
Liability, medical and luggage insurance
Work Placement
shuttle Round-trip transfer from/to airport
book-39 Iscrizione a scuola
Quota di Iscrizione

Host family

You will stay in a host family during your stay

Traveller age
15 - 17 years

Months of departure

The price includes
  • Medical/third party liability/baggage insurance;
  • Search and selection of a host family;
  • Accommodation and meals in the selected host family;
  • School enrolment;
  • Pre-departure online Estonian language course;
  • Participation in Arrival Camp if applicable (excluding USA and Language Camp in France);
  • Assistance from our correspondents in the chosen country, 24 hours a day;
  • Visa application documents (where necessary) and preparation support;
  • Pre-departure training meeting and information material;
  • Document holder, travel bag and BEC T-shirt.
The price does not include
  • Flight to European destinations;
  • File opening fee (€ 60,00) and selection interview fee (€ 60,00);
  • Travel cancellation insurance, optional;
  • Purchase or rental of school uniform where required;
  • Any notary fees for the authentication of documents required by the Immigration Office (European countries);
  • Textbooks;
  • Public transport costs to get to school;
  • Transport costs to reach the airport of departure/return in Italy;
  • Optional trips and excursions proposed by local organisations;
  • Anything not expressly indicated under "Participation fees include". 
Payment details
20% of the fee must be paid as a deposit when purchasing the trip.
The remaining amount must be paid to the agency in accordance with their payment terms, which are set out below and in the contract.

Departures Summer 2022
Instalment 1 - € 2,000.00 by 15/02/2022
Instalment 2 - € 2,000.00 by 15/03/2022
Balance due by 15/05/2022

Departures Winter 2023
Instalment 1 - € 2,000.00 by 15/09/2022
Instalment 2 - € 2,000.00 by 15/10/2022
Balance due by 15/11/2022

For enrolments after the dates indicated above, the agency itself will communicate the new payment deadlines.

BEC British European Centre offers the following reductions if the dossier is received within the dates indicated below:
Delivery of dossier by 30 November 2021 for departures summer stay 2022: reduction € 300.00
Delivery of dossier by 31 March 2022 for departures winter stay 2023: reduction € 300.00

The amount of the discount will be deducted from the total balance.

N.B.: to benefit from the Early Bird discount, a second deposit + interview fee and opening of the file must be paid at the same time as delivery of the dossier. The amount will be communicated by the agency itself. 

BEC British European Centre

 “Da cinquant’anni BEC lavora per e con la scuola al fine di organizzare programmi scolastici all’estero, vacanze studio e programmi di alternanza scuola lavoro per quei giovani animati dal desiderio di viaggiare, di incontrarsi con ragazzi di altri Paesi e di crescere in un mondo senza confini.” 
Da sempre il viaggio è il leitmotiv del lavoro che BEC svolge con esperienza e serietà; il viaggio come ricerca, conoscenza, approfondimento e integrazione, con l’obiettivo di offrire ai giovani gli strumenti per acquisire autonomia, non solo linguistica.

BEC si rivolge agli studenti e alle famiglie che credono nei programmi all'estero, confidando nella loro utilità, non solo quale approfondimento delle conoscenze linguistiche, ma anche e soprattutto, quale ampliamento degli orizzonti per porre le basi per un futuro ricco e multiculturale.

BEC si rivolge alle famiglie che desiderano avvicinarsi all’Exchange Program, per valutare la possibilità di permettere ai propri figli di trascorrere un periodo di 2, 3, 5 oppure 9 mesi lontano da casa, frequentando una High School (scuola superiore) e vivendo presso una Host Family (famiglia ospitante), con la consapevolezza che entrambe le sfere avranno un ruolo molto importante: il confronto con un altro ordinamento scolastico e il conseguente adattamento da una parte; il punto di riferimento per una nuova vita all’estero ed il luogo ideale per l’inserimento in una nuova comunità dall’altra.

Oltre  all’Exchange Program, BEC promuove programmi di accoglienza in Italia, propone soggiorni studio per adulti (16+) combinati all'ottenimento di certificazioni linguistiche o periodi di volontariato e stage, organizza vacanze studio estive per adolescenti. 
 BEC è membro di CSIET (Council on Standard for International Educational Travel) e IALCA (Associazione Italiana degli Agenti e dei Consulenti Linguistici).

Lo staff BEC è altamente qualificato e a disposizione per qualsiasi esigenza, dal momento della prenotazione sino al rientro al termine del soggiorno mettendo a disposizione assistenza in Italia e in loco 24 ore su 24 durante il soggiorno. 
Passione, professionalità e flessibilità caratterizzano lo staff BEC, che sarà al vostro fianco passo dopo passo per realizzare il vostro progetto all’estero! 

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Estonia - Exchange



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Aug 2022, Jan 2023

Estonia : Why go there?

  • Also known as the Pearl of the Baltic, Estonia has about 1500 lakes, as many islands and 40% of its territory is covered by pristine forests. 
  • The capital, Tallinn, has earned the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site for being one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe.
  • Estonia is a country at the forefront of many issues such as ecology, renewable energy and technology. 

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